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            Firstly, thank you

Thank you for checking out and supporting my passion and hobby.

Eloisa opened in March 2020, starting as a little hobby and selling to my closest friends. I had no idea strangers would some day purchase from my store and send me such kind words. I am forever grateful.

 We create handmade clay, hand-stamped jewellery and locally assembled pieces from imported materials that are both trendy and affordable.  We love all all jewellery, from cute and dainty earring to bold and vibrant pieces! 

I hope you find something you'll love here.

Eloisa x

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All about Polymer Clay Earrings

♡ Polymer clay is super lightweight contrary to their solid look! 

♡ Once baked & cured, our clay earrings are super durable. Just as durable, if not more than regular metal earrings! However this doesn't mean they are invincible so you still shouldn't drop or bend them purposely.


♡  To help protect your earrings, we recommend storing them in a jewellery box or bag to protect them from moisture. They are waterproof however the metal parts should still be protected form moisture to avoid quick tarnishing. 

♡  If something should get on your clay earrings you can clean them using a damp cloth or Q-tip and a small amount of rubbing alcohol, then gently rub to clean.

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